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    When we think it, speak it or write it down, our idea is manifested in ways that are almost impossible to explain. As we know, one thought always follows another -- and if we learn how to refine ideas during communications, we might begin to see wonderful changes in our lives.
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Unity is important for this reason: “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Mark 3:25


Click Links To Read… “A Family Thing” & “The Tennessee Visionary Resolution”

An honest person might expect the Tennessee media to take an interest in my signature campaign pledge. Just imagine if I was able to drop two stars from the flag, leaving one star to symbolize unity. Why am I the first person to ever recognize how divisive it is to highlight the geographical sections of our state? Are “we the people” supposed to believe that living in the east. middle or west is an important distinction worthy of respect — more important than feeling united as families and communities?