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    When we think it, speak it or write it down, our idea is manifested in ways that are almost impossible to explain. As we know, one thought always follows another -- and if we learn how to refine ideas during communications, we might begin to see wonderful changes in our lives.
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Campaign 2010

Voters (and maybe God?) made their choices yesterday. People chose Bill instead of me in Tennessee.

I actually got a few more than the two or three votes I expected. Thanks! My resignation from politics is effective immediately. (There will be no demand for a recount to avoid costly, arduous court battles).

Every 2010 candidate for governor will be invited to participate in a James Reesor administration. A vote for me is a vote for all of us. We need a single-star flag to symbolize what will be a United Tennessee if I’m miraculously elected.

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5 Responses

  1. It would be great if I had a few friends in each of the 95 Tennessee counties. Those who choose to help me by sharing ideas with neighbors need to think of themselves as “Reesor Renegades.”

    This is your place to come up with new ideas to make things better for Tennessee.

    Tell us what you think!

    • ***VOTER ALERT***

      Pray for The Bigoted Blind, Deaf & Dumb Tennessee Media
      Written by White Horse Independent James Reesor

      NOTE: This message will be shared on several Facebook sites, several web site message boards, and with thousands of email recipients.

      The August 5th primaries will experience low voter turnout for hand-picked traditional gubernatorial candidates.

      Progressive Democrat Mike McWherter is competing with write-in candidate Ron Noonan. On the Republican side of the corrupt political system, four candidates – Ron Ramsey, Bill Haslam, Basil Marceaux,and Zach Wamp – are polling near the margin of error and hope to avoid a runoff election.

      The bigoted blind, deaf and dumb Tennessee media has failed to cover all campaigns in a fair and balanced way.

      Approximately seven million citizens in Tennessee have not been properly informed about any of the gubernatorial candidates – especially the 14 Independents. The bigoted blind, deaf and dumb Tennessee media has ignored, mocked, and ostracized (except on a few occasions) these candidates: Bayron Binkley, Boyce T. McCall, Brandon Dodds, Carl Twofeathers Whitaker, David Gatchell, Donald Ray McFolin, Floyd Knois, James Reesor, June Griffin, Howard M. Switzer, Linda Kay Perry, Thomas Smith II, Toni K. Hall, Samuel David Duck.

      Permission is hereby granted to copy & share this information.

  2. White Horse Independents can share ideas, and echo my position on issues we agree are important. You can stay in touch right here at on this campaign blog – https://governor2010.wordpress.com/

    The blog “link” work when clicking the “Vote Smart” art logo on the left side of my front page at — http://www.jamesreesor.com

    Let’s try to come up with innovative solutions for the countless problems we are currently facing in Tennessee. I am dedicated to doing the will of God — (in spite of my weird sense of humor) — and if you are like-minded, we will be inspired to do what is right.

    Meanwhile, be safe, secure, and happy,

    James Reesor

  3. Reality Beyond Comprehension

    The year of 2010 will be a turning point in a spiritual transition that started in July of 2007. The time of faith testing will end and the wrath of God will become more obvious as judgments are manifested. My web sites are only one source for scholars in search of information needed to perceive the future correctly. The Bible provides Holy Words required to substantiate every promise, warning or opportunity provided by God through me in recent decades. Although I have done my best to explain many things to many people, it seems my mission in life has been a reality beyond comprehension.

    Friends and enemies who chose to say “No” to me or ignore me were guilty of saying “No” to God. Those who opposed me will now be experiencing negative “Satan” forces in their lives after today instead of receiving the positive “God” forces offered to whomever was willing to receive. Those few who said “Yes” will be blessed and rewarded for their faithfulness. Are you able to grasp the meaning of this revelation – or is my connection with a divine entity a reality beyond comprehension?

    Skeptics can make careful evaluations of my personal activities and messages since 1974 by visiting my web sites to determine what happened to people and institutions who opposed me. You and everyone with a computer can try to understand the mystery of my presence among you since 1938. Everything people need to know about sin or repenting of sin, becoming a loyal follower of Satan or Christ, or surviving until the second phase of the rapture is information needed and easily found by anyone who has a genuine interest in avoiding Armageddon.

    Do you know that true and false prophets are still alive on Planet Earth – or do you lack knowledge about those few who disseminate good and evil information? Has your admiration for conventional thinkers and conformists to the status quo led you to have doubt about reality beyond comprehension?

    As an eternal soul within a biological vessel, I am a unique spiritual composition – doing my best to fulfill a divine purpose. As I enter the new year, my heartfelt expectations are a mixture of relief, despair, anticipation, regret and satisfaction. It is my sorrowful duty to report that conflict and deception will become more intense in 2010 as flesh and Spirit enter a final stage in their competitive struggles.

    Did you know that it will take a greater miracle for America to survive than for me to be elected Governor of Tennessee? Do you believe me when I say it will take more money to pay for health insurance than it would have taken Christians to create Amerijericho? When the world economy fails and a new world leader begins to give advice to devastated governments, daily marketplace negotiations will be almost impossible. There will be an elite few who will be manipulating the masses in every nation to appease themselves.

    The coming months will be a time of great sorrow when false gods fail to overcome storms of wrath from the true God. His enemies will be the cause of their own destruction – and their evil words against my Master during this final generation will haunt them eternally.

    As a man of flesh, my physical presence during this pivotal point in history is irrelevant, yet I will do whatever I can to obey the “Spirit” within me. If it is His will, I will not be gone until Satan arrives in Jerusalem to sign a peace treaty. As Elijah once said through me, “God is the Creator; Satan is the imitator.” The Evil One has not yet revealed himself, but the time is near when he will claim to be God – and evil people will believe him.

    If you can’t understand reality beyond comprehension, don’t blame me or God; blame yourself.

    P.S. Demons will scatter when Facebook and other web sites dominated by rebellious souls implode. Those who hindered me in my endeavors will be experiencing the wrathful judgment of God in their lives unless they repent. There are consequences for rebellion against God or His prophets or His laws.

    VOTE SMART for A CHANGE… even if you are stupid!

  4. —————————————————————————
    Facebook Messages by James Reesor
    If political polls are accurate, God help us! Are “we the people” still too stupid to vote smart? Do our lives reflect the kind of “America” our heavenly Father and founding fathers desired? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lnk2FyZhHCc
    The corrupt government was created by incompetent Democrats and Republicans; Do “we the people” expect things to get better if new Democrats and Republicans are elected to replace old Democrats and Republicans?
    Elitist media bigots promote and endorse hand-picked Democrat and Republican candidates — while opposing Independents are ignored. Has a lack of accurate information made “voting smart” impossible for “brainwashed people” in America?
    “We the people” have no one to blame but ourselves if we allow traditional two-party politicians to keep control of government. As for me and my house, we also blame rich power brokers, the biased media, and the Devil for messing up our lives.
    Spiritual enemies of “we the Christian people” would celebrate our death if it meant they could control governments without interference. Do we actually believe that Democrats or Republicans respect our opinions? Are we too stupid to vote smart?
    (Needing A Miracle To Win)

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