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    When we think it, speak it or write it down, our idea is manifested in ways that are almost impossible to explain. As we know, one thought always follows another -- and if we learn how to refine ideas during communications, we might begin to see wonderful changes in our lives.
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Attention: Christian Leaders, Politicians and Concerned Citizens.

Order The James Reesor Facebook Book Online

Random thoughts pertaining to politics and religion were expressed on a popular social network and then archived on web site message boards. Family members, friends, strangers and a few celebrities were bombarded with information. This book was self-published as a tool to be used by serious researchers in order to evaluate “Crazy Man James.” Questions about the spiritual visitation of “Elijah” and his rejection as a prophet of God must be put into perspective by Christian leaders. Questions about a variety of concepts advocated by James during his 1974 and 2010 gubernatorial campaigns and rejection by the Tennessee media and voters must also be answered. More info is found at… JamesReesor.com


One Response

  1. Original AMERIJERICHO message from the WORLD NEWS REVIEW blog site: http://tennesseeelijah.blogspot.com/2007/01/amerijericho.html
    By James Reesor

    TENNESSEE (World News Review) – As the former Elijah incarnate, I am now prepared to urge all true Christians in this United States of America on this 23rd day of January, 2007, to consider the possibilities of creating “Amerijericho.” We must band together to send meaningful communications over the Internet to explain how a new concept can save us from destruction. We have only a short period of time remaining before this nation as we know it is forever changed.

    Amerijericho has the potential of bringing the best of humanity into one specific location — while excluding the worse of our citizens who have decided to rebel against God. We Americans have been slowly sliding into the abyss of secularism since the 1950s. The only possible alternative to our demise as a Christian principled society is to separate ourselves from those who are determined to suppress, harass, and ultimately remove Christianity from America.

    As President Bush proceeds to deliver his annual State of the Union address in Congress later this evening, we can be sure that critics, primarily liberal Demoncrats who are now in control of both houses of the legislature, will be opposed to national security plans designed to win the Iraq war — while protecting us from further terrorist attacks.

    Since the federal government and the court system cannot be relied upon to do the will of the people, it is now time for some of us to take matters into our own hands! Today is the start of my campaign to encourage loyal, patriotic, Christian citizens of this great nation to consider making drastic changes in your lives. Just as millions of illegal aliens have crossed American borders, free from disruption from the military, we will began moving our families and possessions across state borders.

    The recommended destination is Amerijericho.

    This future land of the brave where Christians will enter, inhabit, and dominate is composed of eleven states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

    There’s no question that this gigantic plan will face a lot of skepticism from most members of Christian organizations until they understand the good that can be accomplished. Our dreams for a peaceful existence — where Heaven on Earth becomes a place where Truth, Love, and Beauty can be respected — will be erroneously described as the “start of another cult” instead of recognizing the Spiritual reality of our intentions.

    The idea of “succession from the union” will not be seen as the best way to preserve our heritage when Republicans and Demoncrats use their wealth and influence to discourage our new movement. The only “power” we have are “tax dollars” that can be used to further our objectives. With the help of God and each other, our pursuit of happiness can lead to new Amerijericho dreams — rather than just sitting back while God-given rights fade away before our very eyes. If you think this is an “idea” worthy of your time and attention, copy this message and share it!



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