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    When we think it, speak it or write it down, our idea is manifested in ways that are almost impossible to explain. As we know, one thought always follows another -- and if we learn how to refine ideas during communications, we might begin to see wonderful changes in our lives.
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White Horse Independents

The 4 messages shown below were added to Facebook: 3 February 2010.

This is an invitation for you to get involved as a responsible citizen who cares about making some important changes in the political system that impacts our lives.

“Democrat and Republican candidates for governor in Tennessee will be doing everything in their power to distract, obstruct, ignore or declare war against competitors. Loyal bureaucrat government supporters and media-hack backers will be assisting them behind the scenes to make it difficult for we Independents to get our message out to voters.” — James Reesor


“White Horse Independents can include any person who is fed up with politics as usual. We need to unify to gain strength if we want to do good things for the people of our state. However, we must remain committed to basic Godly principles comprising the Constitution and Declaration of Independence if we want to salvage a portion of this land we call home.” — James Reesor


“Though several Independents are seeking leadership as individuals, making an impact as a group would encourage voters to take notice. Carl Whitaker, Samuel David Duck, June Griffin, Brandon Dodds, Bayron Binkley, Donald Ray McFolin and many others are equal with me in the desire to see good things happen for all Tennesseans. Let’s put selfish interests aside.” — James Reesor


“This is an open invitation to all friends and supporters of Independents to join ‘White Horse Independents’ so we can begin using common sense to speak in a common voice. If one of us is miraculously elected to be the next governor, we will stay united in our commitment to work tirelessly for the wonderful people of Tennessee — TOGETHER.” — James Reesor

Let’s stop playing stupid games and start creating better lifestyles!

James Reesor


We “White Horse Independents” have no intention of starting another political party. We truly are “independent” and have no desire to corrupt this 2010 campaign by “fronting” for friendly Democrats, Republicans, or other “special interest” groups or persons for personal benefit.

Every voter with access to the web is welcome to visit, click links, and become informed about our individual positions on current issues. We will do our best to provide written answers to all questions for the convenience of interested members during this campaign – right up to the “2 November” election day.

First List of Issues for Independent Candidate Comments:

(1) Motivation for wanting to be governor:

(2) General attitude about traditional politics:

(3) Most important problem needing a solution:

(4) The number-one objective if elected:

(5) Major problem needing immediate attention:

(6) Alert regarding state government:

(7) Alert regarding federal government:

Please suggest more issues for the second list!

Click & Read Comments On These Seven Issues by James Reesor


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