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    When we think it, speak it or write it down, our idea is manifested in ways that are almost impossible to explain. As we know, one thought always follows another -- and if we learn how to refine ideas during communications, we might begin to see wonderful changes in our lives.
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We Can Do Good Things Together!

Friends are an important part of our lives here on this planet. We depend on each other for many things as we try to live our lives in a happy way. Someone figured out that life is a two-way street in a give-and-take world — and we need to refrain from selfishness if we really care about each other.

My “spirituality” has inspired me to be a giver rather than a taker — and to care more about other people than myself. My current projects are designed to make things better for everyone, but I can’t do it alone. If you care about any of my ideas and want to help, your moral support would be greatly appreciated.

Everything expressed in my written words, everything I’ve tried to explain in Amerijericho Free Barter Market concepts, and all of my “campaign souvenir items” document my intentions. If you trust me and believe in what I am doing, you can help by getting a book, a bumper sticker, or by joining Amerijericho.

(Have you clicked the flashing logo links in the left column of this page?)

As you can imagine how it might be for an unemployed senior citizen on Social Security, my “O” campaign budget does not allow me to do everything I would like to see accomplished before election day. Since I do not solicit financial contributions or accept other favors from “special interest” groups or persons, this is the only opportunity provided for those who wish to assist.

We can do good things together… if you care enough!


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